Pono Board Review for exercise

What exactly is a Pono Board? Do you surf on it? Fling it? Forecast the future by letting ancient Hawaiian spirits telepathically removal aqua-colored spheres around on its sleek wooden surface area till your destiny is disclosed?

Nope, it’s none of these things. A Pono Board is a kinder, gentler equilibrium board that can be used to add a little instability to different workouts in such a way that is mercifully unlikely to send you stretching on your face in an ignominious lot of kluzitude.

According to The Pono People, it was made to feel like a beach workout, actively involving the core, however not too tough.

Yet that’s not why I excitedly agreed to get and also review a bouncy thingy of my very own. (Please note: I didn’t pay for it). Just what was the factor?

The Pono Board is additionally created to work as a stand-up workdesk device, yay!

Below’s some even more info and a decision on exactly how I like my Pono Board.

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