Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss: She has Never Looked Slimmer

Melissa McCarthy is making some headlines, since she continued to show off an amazing 50 pound weight loss. It’s not easy folks but she’s been able to do it and flaunt it around like nobodies business. Here’s the 45 year old actress at the July 12 Gildafest ’16.



According to celebrity trainer Charlene Ciardiello, Melissa’s weight loss was a combination of interval training and eating salads with healthy proteins. It’s true what they say, 80% of the battle with weight loss happens in the kitchen!

Funny thing is that Melissa never actually intended to jump on a “diet” per say. She was just getting more active and in the habit of eating healthy for her role as an undercover spy in the movie “Spy”.

With all that said, she’s looking more fabulous than ever!



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