Diet to Go Review

diet-to-go-logoThe Diet To Go is a company that came into existence in the year 1991 and its founder is Hilton Davis. This company offers diet plans that are meant for both men and women. If you are an individual, who wants somebody to prepare your food just because you hate cooking or because you do not have time to cook, you might opt for purchasing frozen meals. But, when consuming these foods regularly, there are great chances that you will be eating foods with huge carbohydrate content. They might also include some ingredients that you are trying to avoid just for achieving your weight loss objective.

Even though, many companies are offering foods for enabling people to keep a check on their diet, most of these foods will be rich in carbohydrate content. But, if you are an individual, who can perform better when the carbohydrate content is less in your diet, you will have to carefully select a diet plan that offers food that is less in carbohydrate content. So, when you are looking for a suitable diet plan, here is some information about diet to go plans:

What is special about Diet To Go Plans?

Diet to go offers meals under three different categories namely low-carb, low-fat vegetarian and low-fat diet. When you enroll in diet plans offered by diet-to-go, you will be provided with the option of getting the foods for either 5 or 7 days per week or you can also go for three meals per day or just you can purchase foods from diet to go for lunch and dinner alone. The foods offered by them are not frozen and they are fresh to eat and this makes them special from their competitors. Also, the foods are prepared in house and they do not outsource the preparation process as is done by many diet plans.

Cost of foods:

Generally the cost of food under Diet To Go plans would be around $21 per day for two meals. On the otherĀ  hand, when you go for three meals per day, the cost will be around $23.50 per day apart from delivery charges. To be more precise, the average cost per meal from Diet To Go would be around $6.81, while the cost per day would be around $20.40. When it comes to cost per week, it will come around $142.99.

Top Reasons To Select Diet To go:

diet to go_01

According to the statement of Diet To Go, the following five reasons are pointed out by them as to why their diet plans should be selected as compared to those offered by their counterparts:

  • Great record of helping many people to safely lose their weight
  • The foods offered by them for their dieters are tastier. Generally many people taking up diet plans complain that foods are not at all tasty. But this worry is removed by diet-to-go plans
  • The dieters have the choice of selecting between traditional, vegetarian and low-carb diets. They can select whichever option they feel comfortable to achieve their weight loss objective
  • Lesser cost of just $6.81 per meal
  • No need to prepare the food, they are pre-prepared and delivered to your doorsteps, you can just unpack and consume.